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scott's daily grind

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7th May 2010

9:31pm: i have a new blog
new scrap heap blog

go check it out, i'll be posting about music and shows and stuff there. already it has an exclusive new song on it that you can only hear there! totally exclusive. can't hear it anywhere else! (except for a few other places.)

15th April 2010

9:03pm: scrap heap - can't slow down

new scrap heap song has cover art and will make you both happy and scared, simultaneously.

8th April 2010

2:30am: truth in advertising
My new song is called Crazy Love Song and that's exactly what it is. Isn't that cute? Press the play button on my music website to hear it!

19th March 2010

6:19pm: thru the looking-glass
Blunderland, the song I was contractually obligated to write yesterday, continues now-established patterns of:

1) self-loathing.
2) making bangin' tunes.

You can hear it on my new Scrap Heap website, first on the playlist.

8th March 2010

1:05am: going down the...
Scrap Heap - Path of Your Mind

This is my new song, it was made in less than an hour, and it will probably literally knock you on your ass it's so good.

18th February 2010

8:00am: oh god make it stop
This month's second musical abomination is...

Scrap Heap - Please Stop

Indeed, please stop, Scrap Heap. For the record, this is the song whose creation ruined my life. Which would be cool if it was a masterpiece, but it's just another synthpop tune. C major, four-on-the-floor, V IV and I, it doesn't get much blander than this.

8th February 2010

1:18am: Scrap Heap - Epithet
Twice-monthly songs-by-coercion continue unabated:

Scrap Heap - Epithet

It's an experiment. Glockenspiel and vocal, nothing electronic. But it wants to be a synthpop song. Not as crappy as last time, though The Wind in Your Face is still the gold standard.

22nd January 2010

1:14am: i was in the underground
Okay, this is terrible. But I have a pact with some colleagues to make at least one song, by a certain cutoff date, twice a month. And I'm going to post them publicly, to shame myself for not writing a better song (or at least leaving time for more vocal takes). On the plus side, it does have big bass.

Scrap Heap - Underground

Don't listen to this one. Listen to the wind in your face track instead.

19th January 2010

9:32am: new year
All right, I'm decided. My new year's resolution is that every day, I will spend at least:

30 minutes doing push-ups and lifting weights
45 minutes practicing keyboard
30 minutes practicing sight-singing
1 hour composing music
4 hours studying
1 hour reading
45 minutes writing
30 minutes playing tennis
2 hours riding my bike
30 minutes cleaning
1 hour cooking
2 hours socializing
15 minutes catching up with old friends
1 hour meditating
8 hours sleeping

The rest of the time is for whatever, so there's a lot of flexibility. I think I should see some real improvement with this.

7th January 2010

11:09pm: the wind in your face
Hey everyone! I am in Minneapolis, MN. It's kinda cold out. Here is a song I made. It's a short instrumental, so maybe kind of a copout, but you know what I say to that? "Whatever" is what I say.

Scrap Heap - The Wind in Your Face

29th November 2009

3:45pm: blinds

Nice weather makes me happier than anything in the world... even the beauty of true love seems superfluous on a day like this.

Good thing, because the latter is a lie.

4th November 2009

10:57pm: "new" re-recorded track: Your Way
Hey internet,

Still waiting for any pics or recordings from the Lighthouse blowout to surface. I know people took some. The most exciting part of that night came at the end, when 20+ people took part in an epic spontaneous jam throughout the whole house. Hell yeah. That's what I'm talking about, DC noise scene. More like that, please.

For my part, I surprised everyone by singing and dancing to old songs of mine, relegating the obligatory noodly noise to a few minutes at the end. This was not a welcome or pleasant surprise, I'm sure. One was a spiffed-up version of the track "Your Way" which always suffered from poorly recorded vocals. Here is a new studio version with decent vocals:

Scrap Heap - Your Way

Crank it! And remember to stay posi.

27th October 2009

6:52pm: Appearance at epic last Lighthouse show this Friday

Both Bulkhead Collapse and Scrap Heap are playing short sets at the legendary Lighthouse's epic last show, along with 11 or 12 other artists, so don't miss it! We'll be going on fairly early in the evening so be there by 5 if you can - the flyer, in case you can't read it, says "skip work." Consider the relative weight of seeing Bulkhead Collapse play versus keeping your job and feeding yourself, and I'm sure you'll make the right decision. Seriously though, cool stuff will be going on at the Lighthouse well into the night.

From Sunday:

Bulkhead Collapse debut set was fun. Everything went wrong, but nobody noticed! Actually, nothing went wrong at all, which is kind of a gyp. Chris Videll was kind enough to record our set and you can listen to it if you're into recordings of shows.

23rd October 2009

11:59pm: Bulkhead Collapse show Sunday
Is this turning into one of those "sorry guys, still can't think of anything to put here" blogs? Answer: YES. What is the point, lol internet, etc. (I can't believe the last thing I wrote here was about pasta)

BUT! Just in the nick of time, here comes Bulkhead Collapse to rock your socks.

My band's name might be written too big, considering that we are opening; oh well. Hey, you should've made the poster then, potential haters! I'm sure no one cares.

Bulkhead Collapse is a new electronics+drums duo consisting of former members of Aerosolized Mucus and The Caution Curves. We "meld feedbacking alien chromatic tones with clattering drumbeats," whatever the hell that means. Our name is taken from a track on this masterpiece of a harsh noise album.

After us will be playing: Fractale (from France), Vector Trio and Lost Civilizations (both local). I think they're all kind of experimental free jazz. Anyway, come upstairs at Bossa Bistro & Lounge Sunday at 7:30 and check it out!

17th August 2009

8:08pm: heavycore
so i'm in london, and my friends are being fucking slags and taking forever to get their shopping done, so here i am in an internet cafe. we are a band. we are called facerape. this may or may not result in actual finished tracks of music that will actually come out of your actual speakers. if it doesn't, just know that some wasted musicians somewhere had some fun even though they ultimately failed to produce music. that should brighten your day.

18th July 2009

2:31am: tonight's show in Arlington
Hey friends, a little more info on this evening's life-changing show at the Basement Speakeasy. Phonic Riot had to cancel, which is too bad because I really liked their band name, but in their place Space Tigers have been added. I have no idea what Space Tigers sound like, but if I'm not mistaken, Sam Chintha from Alcian Blue and The Antiques (both R.I.P.) is involved, so I'm eager to hear it.

The Water come highly recommended from Screen Vinyl Image who call them "an amazing two-piece who create textures through an insane amount of loop pedals and samplers and then play on top of what they build using drums, guitars, and synths. It's quite a sonic experience."

Again the show is at 5pm at a house near Clarendon Metro, and my psychedelic noise jam band, Aerosolized Mucus, is the opening act. More info including a now rather out of date poster in my last update. The final (?) bill is: Aerosolized Mucus, Ars Phoenix, Bop Beetle, Carlton James, Fall Catalogue, Hannah Racecar, Screen Vinyl Image, Space Tigers, Teething Veils, The Water. This will be quite an eclectic lineup, with noise, shoegaze, experimental rock, singer-songwriters, country and "sort of Americana" all represented.

14th July 2009

10:52pm: Aerosolized Mucus open for Screen Vinyl Image, Teething Veils, more on 7/18
First: Both shows last Sunday night went amazing; thanks to everyone who came out. During my showhopping I managed to catch Wilson Shook, Anduin, and part of Jasper TX. All were great. Wilson Shook was the most surprising: he's a meek saxophonist who played quietly in front of us with no amplification, making clicks, breathing noises and other stereotypically non-music sounds. I'm trying to talk my friend Adam into seeing him in Toledo.

The downside of playing two shows in one night is of course most people will miss at least one of them, and if you missed Aerosolized Mucus, good news! Although we said our Electric Possible show would be our last before Dana moves overseas, we lied, and are opening an otherwise non-noise event, Night of a Thousand Suns Fest at the Basement Speakeasy in Arlington, Virginia:

[show poster]

(The poster predates our being added to the bill.) This is super exciting. I've gushed before about Screen Vinyl Image and my love affair with their utterly unique electro-infused shoegaze sound and psychedelic visuals. If you live in the DC area and don't see this band, you are wasting your life. Then there's Teething Veils, solo project of Greg Svitil, formerly of The Antiques. A quieter act, Greg is an excellent songwriter with the rare skill of making the acoustic guitar/vocals formula fresh and making music that really sticks with you.

I admittedly know little about the other 7 bands, but Greg apparently picked them, so they will by no means let you down. Everyone who plays at the Basement Speakeasy has always been wonderful in my experience.

As for Aerosolized Mucus, we'll bring the psychedelic noise jams and lube everyone up for a great night. Most likely it'll be a quieter set for us, emphasizing our acoustic side (guitar, vocals, found percussion) with the electronics as more of an accent. This begins at 5pm Saturday, we're the opener and the only "noise band" that doesn't play songs, and you can learn the location by emailing basementspeakeasy@gmail.com - it's walking distance from Clarendon Metro on the orange line. Donations are taken for out-of-town bands so they can afford to get home. You should definitely go, not even for us - though you do love us - but because this whole fest will be so incredible.

19th June 2009

2:20pm: Noise. No comments.
The Russian noise compilation (free download) I was asked to be on came out. Unsure what length the guy had in mind, I sent him a 15-minute track and a 5-minute excerpt, and it looks like he included them both! Oops.

Anyway, if you check it out, pretend someone gave it to you on unlabeled cassette and you have no idea what it is. That's the best way to enjoy this sort of comp.

Scrap Heap's track, "Rondo of Mortality", is recent feedback stuff like I've been doing in concert.

Edit: More info here, and hey, this comp has pretty cool cover art.

17th June 2009

12:20pm: Free improv jam at Bridge Spot, DC - Sunday afternoon
This Sunday, June 21, at 2:03 pm, Jeff Bagoto and I will host a free improv jam at a unique outdoors spot under 295/SE Freeway. Unofficially called Bridge Spot, this is a skate park adjacent to Garfield Park on Capitol Hill, just a few blocks from the Library of Congress in one direction, and Artomatic's Navy Yard location in the other. It's a beautiful little "temporary autonomous zone" that serves as the meeting place of skateboarders, playground families, a horse farm, and the train tracks. It's time there was some live music there as well!

This will be a rain or shine event. The spot is protected from rain by the 295 overpass.

Bring acoustic or battery-powered instruments, as there are no outlets here. And if your instrument is electronic, preferably don't be too loud. It's always annoying to be banging the shit out of a drum, sweaty and exhausted, and next to you someone's farting out a 10x louder techno pad by pressing a button. That's why I prefer all-acoustic jams. But JB curates the Electric Possible. He insisted!

If you want to map this, it's at 2nd St SE & H St SE, Washington, DC. See you Sunday!

12th June 2009

2:24pm: we all scream
Feeling weird, I decided to listen to a song that's gotten me through many a hard time before, Powderfinger's "Waiting on the Sun". It's a love song. One of the lines goes,
I can see your face there, in my hands, my love

I took a glance at my palm.

But the blue veins appeared to trace Edvard Munch's "The Scream".
1:19am: Aerosolized Mucus in Baltimore, 6/27
Just a heads up, though it's still a few weeks away... everyone's favorite psychedelic found-percussion/kazoo/feedback noise band, Aerosolized Motherfucking Mucus, will be playing a great festival up in Baltimore later this month. The Baltimore Electronic Music Fest takes place Saturday, June 27th, and we will be playing at a punishing 1:30pm. Punishing, that is, if you stay up as late as I do Friday nights. Many other great acts are playing this fest, so check out the listing. Everything will be really great.

30th May 2009

2:28pm: show tonight
The band Aerosolized Mucus, of which I am a part, is playing Artomatic tonight at 12:30 am. It's a free show, come see us. Take Metro to Navy Yard (green line), west exit, Artomatic is right around the corner in the building directly above Metro. We'll be on the second floor "cabaret stage".

See this City Paper blog and especially the insightful reader comments for an idea of what to expect.

5th April 2009

12:09pm: art installation
Gestures for Twitter profile pic, 2009















Art is dead. We killed it.



3rd March 2009

11:12pm: Extremities
So a photo from the Extremities set at Luck of the Draw in southeast Washington, DC has surfaced after all, thanks to Jason Mullinax. We looked like this:

Again, a recording of the show can be downloaded as well. Enjoy.

15th February 2009

10:49pm: sold out
I have sold out, not to the man, but of copies of the CDrs "Diverge" and "Incomprehensible". Actually nearly all of them were given away for free. Someone took me up on my only half-joking request for a quarter for the laundry room, and one woman insisted on paying me $5, but she's the only one who got both releases, so fair enough.

Fret not, though, because I do intend to produce more limited-edition noise discs. These were put together quickly for the shows. I like the idea that every time you see me, I'll have new recordings available and the old ones will be all gone.

On another note, I owe a great debt to Jeff Carey, noise musician from Odenton, Maryland. Last month I saw him at the Lighthouse orchestrating delicious sounds with, among other gizmos, a joystick. And I thought that was such a cool idea I decided to get my own joystick. Thinking back, not only was that a great idea, but it probably pushed me over the edge to start performing live at all. It would have happened eventually, but "use a joystick" planted the seed for what I was going to do.

So tonight at Pyramid Atlantic, after enjoying another performance by Jeff, I got to thank him for inspiring me. Wouldn't you know it though, the silly guy left before I could buy any of his CDs.
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